Award ceremony at WCIT Business Luncheon (Feb 2016) I am pleased and honoured to win the WCIT Outstanding Information Technology Student Prize 2016. The WCIT (Worshipful Company of Information Technologists) is one of the livery companies of City of London, with some dating back to the 13th century (quite certain computers have not been invented by then). WCIT promotes the IT industry, and spend much of their effort in educational and charitable activities. They are looking to recognise outstanding students under criteria including academic excellence, overcoming adversity, entrepreneurial skills and contribution to charity or community. Not the best in each category for certain, I am blessed with bits of everything and managed to attract the panel’s attention. See below for some media coverage (I’ve enjoyed some sort of celebrity status at uni for a month or so!): From WCIT Check out the citation from WCIT on their news update in March, or their Spring magazine in May. From Imperial As you may expect, my uni and department is thrilled to hear the news. I got featured on a departmental article and received a short mention on the staff magazine. Soon after I was invited to a more in-depth interview, with the resultant article available here and here.